Work with us

We’re not a business, but a group of directors who work well together.

Individual projects are always made with external producers, and you can get in touch with any one of us via our websites listed on the About page.

If you are a producer looking for a slate of filmmakers for a series project, you might want to get in touch with us. Here’s why:

  • We love each other, and all of us keep to the same high standards, but we’re as diverse as a group can be in terms of style and content of our films.
  • We’ve got a wide range of education backgrounds besides filmmaking: Physics, Philosophy, Design, Visual Arts, Performance, Literature, …
  • We are used to giving each other sharp feedback. And we mean sharp.
  • Between us, we speak Italian, French, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and of course English.
  • We have a big slate of brilliant editors, composers, sound designers and sound recordists that we work with regularly and can recommend for specific projects.

Want more? Email us at and let’s talk.