The Real Social Network

dir. Ludovica Fales, Srdjan Keca, Isis Thompson
prod. Quark Films & Bertha Foundation
Collaborative Doc crowd funded via Indie go go

Protest has changed. Between the first UK student protests in November 2010 and the global uprising in the spring of 2011, a new radicalism, fuelled by modern technology, has hit the streets.Over 6 months of government cuts, a collective of filmmakers has had exclusive access to the backroom meetings of a group of London students as they hacked software, occupied universities and shut down banks. In the process, they’ve helped build the movement currently sending ripples across the globe. The Real Social Network captures the passion, the anger and the technology that has forever changed the game between those in power and us.

Docaviv 2012, One World Romania 2012, Open City London 2012, One World Prague 2013, Best use of Social Media Las Vegas 2012, Special Mention Youth Award Pravo Ljudski 2012.

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