The Perfect Belgian

The filmmaker, who lives now in the UK, stumbles on a 8mm family-archive from the World Trade Fair, ’58 in Brussels. Belgium showed what it meant to be a proud nation, amongst many other nations at the time.

Many years later, he wonders what it means to be Belgian in a globalised world.

The Perfect Belgian is a road movie about the country and its citizens. In a country where languages and communities are so easily mixed up, nationalism meets surrealism and language barriers become blurry borders.

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Kristof Bilsen
Editor: Eduardo Serrano
Sound Designer: Nikola Zivojinovic
Composer: Alcyona Mick
Musicians: Jon Wygens, Alcyona Mick and Geoff Hannan
Studio Recording: Jay Price
Online-editor and Colour grader: Belgin Kaplan

(2010 / UK / HD / 34’)


One World Human Rights Festival Romania 2011 (Bucharest) and on tour throughout Romania.
Alter-Native Film Festival Targu Mures (Transilvania)
Free Zone Film Festival Belgrade (Serbia)


‘The Perfect Belgian is about a sudden awakening in a torn country. A splendid documentary; often absurd and funny, sometimes purely painful but always intelligent and unwilling.” (Annelies Verbeke)