dir. Srdjan Keca

At the edge of a city growing from the desert, a man plays alone on a golf course. Another, sleepless, sends a letter from a labour camp to his wife in Kenya. A sand storm hits a construction site, and the locals hold a strange dance ceremony.

Dubai, usually seen either as miracle of development or failed gimmick, here becomes a set for a visual exploration of displacement, longing and desire. In three chapters the city, the surrounding desert and their inhabitants slowly uncover some of the darker aspects of contemporary society, while the ongoing economic meltdown spells the end of an era

(2011/UK, Serbia/42′)


Festivals and Awards

Cottbus Discovery Award, Filmfestival Cottbus 2011, Cottbus, Germany
Best Short Documentary
, London Short Film Festival 2012, London, UK
Winner, Pravo Ljudski Film Festival 2011, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Best City Film – Special Mention, Open City London Documentary Festival 2011, UK
Branchage Film Festival 2011, Jersey, UK
Play-Doc 2012, Tui, Spain
Docaviv 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel
Docudays 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine
International Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2011, The Netherlands
Uno Port Art Film Festival 2011, Japan
European Film Festival Palic 2011, Serbia
Human Rights Film Festival Zagreb 2011, Croatia
Rencontres Henri Langlois 2011, Poitiers, France
MakeDox 2012, Skopje, Macedonia


Sight & Sound: “The National Film and Television School produced a bumper crop of documentaries in 2011, including this sumptuous visual exploration of Dubai. Director Keca balances the stunning landscapes of the city – from its beautiful but brutal sand dunes to the innumerable glittering towers of Babel that line the empty streets – with the earthy sweat of the people who live and work there, in glorious luxury or abject poverty.”

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Srdjan Keca
Editor: Simon Bullen
Sound Designer: Tom Drew
Composer: Jon Wygens