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THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES film screening + Q&A.

June 17, 2014

Koryo Tours and Kitchen Sink Collective present 
THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES film screening + Q&A. 

For the full experience book your North Korean inspired meal, available for £5 prepared by the Russet’s finest chef.
Please RSVP by the 29th June if you want to book a plate:

July 1st 2014 DOORS: 7pm, screening 7:30
The Russet – Hackney Downs E8 2BT

Dir: Daniel Gordon, DPRK/ UK, 2002, 80mins

‘The greatest sports story never told’ -Ron Gluckman, Asian Wall Street Journal, Jan 2002

In 1966, North Korea provided the greatest shock in World Cup history… Almost 40 years later two English filmmakers travelled to Pyongyang to try and find the surviving members of that team. The Game of Their Lives tells the remarkable story of how complete unknowns came to beat tournament favourites Italy in 1966, and provides a rare glimpse of life in modern day North Korea.

Join us for this special screening followed by a Q&A session with Vicky Mohieddeen, a video producer/ producer of creative projects at Koryo Tours and the co-ordinator of the international submissions for the Pyongyang Film Festival.
Find out about documentary-making in North Korea, the local DPRK film industry and how you can attend the Pyongyang International Film Festival.

Kitchen Sink at Quadrangle Film Festival #3

August 23, 2013


This year our specially dedicated Cinema in the Field hosted a range of films and events by day, with the Kitchen Sink Collective running wild at night with an eclectic range of music documentaries.

Our partially confirmed programme:

Dick Fontaine / 1967 / USA / 30’

A poetic journey from zoo to echoic chamber in search of the limits of music with Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage.

“Arty but effective,” The Nation

Nick Broomfield / 1988 / USA / 85’

In 1988 Nick Broomfield was asked by a Tele Munich, a German production company, to document the making of a musical show by Andre Heller, “Body & Soul”, an all-black revival of the music, dance and songs of the thirties and forties. If you always wanted to know if all that gossip about showbiz is true or if Bob Fosse was a pathetic liar, then you should see that movie: a delight!

Kitchen Sink at Quadrangle Film Festival #2

September 21, 2012

Kitchen Sink Collective proved to be legendary with its 2nd edition of the Cinema in the Field at the Quadrangle Film Festival , where it curated two evenings during an Indian Summer weekend in September 2012.Two Happy Hours up our sleeve (one hour of uplifting documentary moments and another one filled with music sequences) or two times a near to sold-out super-cosy army tent and an audience that was full on singing and dancing the tunes we played.

For a nice review about Quadrangle, do go here!


April 28, 2012

Sean Mc Allister about the Bread and Roses Film Festival

South London, April, 2012

I often wonder what happened to our wonderful tradition in political documentary filmmaking, it’s funny to think that it was British TV documentaries that inspired me to leave an oily factory in the early 1980’s and become a documentary filmmaker. I cannot imagine finding the same inspiration coming from TV today, sadly. Somehow I still manage to come out of the grey BBC white city building with commissions to go off to far-flung places to make my films, but often, in lonely filming moments, I do wonder where those passionate films that push for social and political change have gone.

When I was asked to show my most recent film in a great local pub around the corner from me called The Bread and Roses in Clapham, I wasn’t exactly sure why. Then I discovered it was housing a fantastic festival celebrating the centenary of the 1912 bread and roses textile strike, where a whole collection of political films marking great moments in history will to be shown – and to help those of us with no money, all the screenings are free! The Bread and Roses pub is a beer workers co-op pub that also sells great independent beer, so there is the chance to get a great pint and see a great movie also. I think this festival is the inspiration I miss from British TV: it has the most amazing collections of films and great timing after an explosive year of revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and hopefully Syria soon too – where I’d spent most of the last year myself.

The festival has been organised by Studio Strike alongside the Kitchen Sink Collective who are an inspiring group of NFTS graduates that got together and formed a filmmaking co-op that they run above the pub, and will also be screening their film ‘The Real Social Network’. There’s a fantastic array of other films including the Oscar-nominated ‘If a Tree Falls’ and Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism a Love Story’ and an appearance from Nick Broomfield with his first film ‘Behind the rent strikes’ a great depiction of strife in 1970’s Britain in a Liverpool housing estate. Nick will be in conversation after the screening with the godfather of documentary, the great Colin Young, an inspiration. Colin founded the NFTS and has written extensively on documentary filmmaking – he has always been a major influence to me in my own career.

I’m writing from Athens, where I’m developing a new documentary about the Greek crisis, but will be back next week to introduce my most recent film at the festival: The Reluctant Revolutionary (Friday 4th May at 9pm), which charts the Yemeni revolution last year through the ambivalent eyes of a local tour guide, Kais.


Follow Sean on @mcallisterfilms


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