Kitchen Sink at Quadrangle Film Festival #3


This year our specially dedicated Cinema in the Field hosted a range of films and events by day, with the Kitchen Sink Collective running wild at night with an eclectic range of music documentaries.

Our partially confirmed programme:

Dick Fontaine / 1967 / USA / 30’

A poetic journey from zoo to echoic chamber in search of the limits of music with Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage.

“Arty but effective,” The Nation

Nick Broomfield / 1988 / USA / 85’

In 1988 Nick Broomfield was asked by a Tele Munich, a German production company, to document the making of a musical show by Andre Heller, “Body & Soul”, an all-black revival of the music, dance and songs of the thirties and forties. If you always wanted to know if all that gossip about showbiz is true or if Bob Fosse was a pathetic liar, then you should see that movie: a delight!

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