Bread & Roses Film Festival

We’ve co-curated with Studio Strike a film festival dedicated to mark the centennial of the Bread & Roses textile strike.

The centenary of the 1912 strikes marks a window of opportunity to interrogate through film depictions and representations of capitalism, workers’ rights particularly female worker’s rights, strikes, social activism and immigration, debates and issues that are very much alive, if not the defining topics, of 2012.

The festival was conceived to attract new and underrepresented audiences to film – groups, communities, and individuals that otherwise do not have access to seek out or afford access to such films. The festival is committed to showcasing a broad range of films, from new releases to hidden gems from a wide range of filmmakers whose work might otherwise not be screened.

All community-hosted screenings are free to attend, allowing audiences normally economically marginalised from cinemas to be able to access films in their local community.

Please visit for more information.

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