Videocracy / The Master of the House

Screened on Tues 26th July 2011  at 7PM

This was a week with phone hacking, unscrupulous media, corrupt establishment. No, now we weren’t talking about the Murdoch empire. We took you all to Italy with the award-winning feature documentary VIDEOCRACY

(85′, 2009) by Erik Gandini  and a short documentary THE MASTER OF THE HOUSE (28′, 2011) by our own Ludovica Fales.

Director Erik Gandini joined us via Skype for a extensive Q&A after the VIDEOCRACY screening.

Also, director Ludovica Fales and editor Adelina Bichis were present at the screening of THE MASTER OF THE HOUSE.

The Fighting Spirit / Sprinters

Screened on Tues 19th July 2011  at 7PM

For the second one, we kicked off properly, showing the award-winning feature documentary THE FIGHTING SPIRIT (80′, 2007) by George Amponsah and the short visual doc SPRINTERS (17′, 2007) by Sam Blair. Both George Amponsah, the director of THE FIGHTING SPIRIT, and Sam Blair, director of SPRINTERS were present at the screening for a vivid Q&A.

The Edge of Dreaming / The Storyteller

Screened on Tuesday 12th July 2011  at 7PM

We started off, showing an award-winning feature documentary THE EDGE OF DREAMING (74′, 2009) by Amy Hardie and a beautiful short animation KAHANIKAR / THE STORYTELLER (7′, 2011) by Nandita Jain.

Ling Lee, the editor of THE EDGE OF DREAMING, and Nandita Jain, director of KAHANIKAR, were present at the screening too.

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